The Underwater Basket Weaving Major Will Change Your Life!

Have you ever considered majoring in underwater basket weaving? Have you ever thought, “The underwater basket weaving major isn’t real…right?” Well, believe it or not, but this is a real major that exists at some of the most prestigious universities in the United States, including UCSD (University of California San Diego), UF (University of Florida), Rutgers, Virginia Tech, UCF (University of Central Florida), OSU (Oregon State University) and even Columbia!

So, Underwater Basket Weaving Isn’t Just An Imaginary Degree?

The Underwater Basket Weaving Degree

It’s true, the expression ‘underwater basket weaving’ was once exactly what you may be currently thinking; an imaginary degree. The phrase was used when a college representative wanted to stress just how extensive the coursework is that is offered by the institution they are part of. ‘Yes, that’s right, we even have degrees in underwater basket weaving here!’

The thing is, now you really can become a fully qualified underwater basket weaver. That’s right; you can boast a degree in this beautiful craft! What can you expect from majoring in underwater basket weaving? Let’s find out!

Why Getting Yourself An Underwater Basket Weaving Degree Could Be The Coolest Thing You Ever Do

There is nothing quite like taking part in an activity with other like-minded people. You know, those once in a lifetime experiences that you share with complete strangers, but by the end of it, you feel like you are all long lost soul mates who will remain so for life.

Plenty of situations could fit into such a once in a lifetime category, and by the time you graduate, you’re going to look back on your college career and realize that underwater basket weaving has just become the greatest of them all! What is your unique and inspirational major going to be like?

You Are Going To Be Underwater and You’re Going To Be Weaving

Underwater Basket Weaving Degree

Yes, it’s not just one of those titles that doesn’t deliver on what it represents! Instead, you are going to live and breath basket weaving all under water and all in perfect zen with your surroundings. Indeed, you are going to be in your swimwear and entering the pool and within a couple of years of graduating, be making over $150,000 a year!

Of course, learning how to basket weave while floating around in the pool would be one thing, but you will be taking things well and truly to the next level. You are going to be fully immersed while learning the amazing art of basket weaving.

We know this is a lot to take in, after all, not everyone has the opportunity in life to take part in something so special. If this opportunity does come your way, we sure hope that you grab it with both hands and make the most of it. This is something that you may be thankful for every day for the rest of your life!

The Art Of Basket Weaving – Endless Career Options – Endless Income

Money made from underwater basket weaving major

Once you are fully immersed and ready to take things to the next level, it will be time to learn the art of basket weaving. What an incredible privilege to learn such a fantastic skill! Your parents are going to be so proud of you! Just think about where this could take you in life. Never mind keeping it local, you may end up being an international celebrity with skills like these! Why even taking it global could be in the cards for you! Don’t get too carried away just yet though, you may have the taste of glory in your mouth, but you still need to get yourself trained and qualified.

Majoring In Underwater Basket Weaving

Of course, if you really want to boast about being an underwater basket weaver you will need to complete the coursework required to receive your degree in this major. Put in the hard work now and enjoy the rewards for the rest of your life!

Have we convinced you that a major in underwater basket weaving could be the most amazing part of your life so far? If so, we advise you to get signed up without delay!