Cats & Under Water, Do They Go Together?

Ever wonder if cats & water go together? Well read this random person on the internet!

Cats & Under Water…

Do They Go Together?

You may be wondering, “Don’t cats hate water?” “Wouldn’t the cat just claw you?” The answer: No. Yes, surprisingly cats seem to love this hobby as much as we do! Some cats like it more then others, driving them to practice every day. The others probably don’t practice that much witch makes it so they don’t really care for the hobby, but you’ll find if a cat practices Under Water Basket Weaving as a kitten they will like it more when they are adult cats!

Cats Learn to Weave Baskets Under Water?

My cats: Juno and Nori, have practiced Under Water Basket Weaving from kitten-hood! they have always shown excellent Under Water Basket Weaving skills. Someday i hope for them to go to the Under Water Basket Weaving Olympics.

Under Water Basket Weaving Olympics for Cats?

With the increase of Under Water Basket Weavers, they have made Under Water Basket Weaving an Olympic sport for cats and dogs too! Lets hope this new generation of Under Water Basket Weavers is enough to ward off the Zombies.


Yes dogs, as i mentioned in the previous paragraph: ‘With the increase of Under Water Basket Weavers,’ but Under Water Basket Weavers aren’t just increasing, they are decreasing as well. We need more Under Water Basket Weavers to keep this rare species. Now we need not just cats, but dogs too.

How Can I Teach My Pet(s) to Weave Baskets Under Water?

Well writing about Under Water Basket Weaving is easy, learning the sport is not. For pets here is what i recommend:

Under Water Basket Weaving For Pets

1, Let them get used to water as a baby. (if the pet does not like water.)

2, Give them Under Water Basket Weaving reeds to play with.

3, Put them in water and give them Under Water Basket Weaving reeds. (Make sure your pet can swim before attempting this.)

4, Get in the water with your pet and show them how to weave baskets under water. (This step requires you to know how to weave baskets under water, and swim.)

5, Let your pet try.

6, Hope it works (and that the basket your pet made is nice.)

Ashlyn Monahan